Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Dear Mum - Liebe Mama...

Zum Muttertag gibt es heute ein von mir geschriebenes Gedicht für meine Mama. Einfach mal so.


This mother's day, my mum recieved a poem written by me. Just because.


When I was little, you held me in your arms
and protected me from any harm

When I fell down, you picked me up
you showed me the way, when I wanted to stop

You dried my tears, you soothed my pain
you helped me to be me again

You raised me up, you made me strong,
and you loved me all along

Through every mistake, every time I was wrong
you still showed me, where I belong

You follow every step that i take
and help with decisions I have to make

I'm a part of you, you are a part of me
and it will stay like that for eternity

The best mum in the World, that is you
and today I just wanted to say: Thank you

I love you, mum

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